I was a child once. It's true. With...reoccurring nightmares of dinosaurs, volcanoes and werewolves; an Atari video game controller with only one button, and Commodore 64 tape-cassette games that screeched for hours as they loaded; embarrassing Eighties haircuts and chocolate hair gel; Dr. Seuss, Choose Your Own Adventure, Nancy Drew and The Famous Five; endless doodling, marble-ing, soccer-playing, day-dreaming; cheesy horror movies (Rawhead Rex and The Return of the Living Dead and every werewolf movie under the moon); and a dream to be a story writer (or work in an office! WTH?) when I grew up. But first I had to fly across the ocean a couple of times—from West Yorkshire, England to Ontario, Canada and back again—and do some growing up.

Horror-book-reading spurts (mostly Stephen King, Anne Rice and Dean Koontz) ensued over the years. But for a while I traded reading for drawing, wore stripy tights, Doc Martens and a nose ring, and left school for Bradford College. There I studied Art and Design then Graphic Design. This was a time before computers; a time when layouts and letters were all hand-drawn and giant turkeys ruled the earth. Then I started work and had to use a computer. How I hated computers. But I loved my first job because I got to draw cartoons and make videos for kids. It was the best job I ever had, and maybe I should have stayed in England with my fish-and-chips and my Vindaloo and my pub on every street corner...but off I flew again, across the Atlantic.

In Toronto I faced a rude corporate awakening, scrambling by in a frenzy of tiny yellow folders, video cables and late nights. I learned a lot in the years that followed—from giant tradeshow booths to itty-bitty icons, and even how to print on metal parts—but "slick city chick" didn't stick. Hence skyscrapers morphed into fields of beans, and a band of (mostly) merry oddballs forged somewhere in between: a stubby-tailed dog, a tail-less cat, a two-legged man, a cheeky child, Then we traveled west for a week (because that's what oddballs do), until we reached the misty mountains of Vancouver Island.

Addicted to computers, back to books, and finally following that dream: story writing AND working in an office (okay, it's just a desk in a room, and I still enjoy playing with graphics, but it's funny how things work out). I started with the course Writing for Children and Teenagers through the Institute of Children's Literature, and have been reading and writing and learning (uh, drinking red wine) ever since. I thought I'd be writing cute stuff for kids, but I seem to be getting older and darker each time I write. I still love cartoons, though, and I'm still growing up—and I never want to move again.

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