Intro Sneak-Peek by Carrie Martin

Year 2129
14,500 light years from Earth

I was eight years old when they came for us. When they saved us from the orphanage, from a scorched and sinking Earth. Implanted tiny computers into our brains and then ushered us aboard the CCS Pioneer: a commercial colony spaceship, destined for the planet Toria.

Blasting through the red-hot haze of Earth's atmosphere into infinite, sparkling, black skies. Away from the tears, the floods and the flames, to a place where stars could be seen at last, and hope could live again.

At least that's how it seemed to me back then. Before nine long years of the same moody faces and rusted spaces. Knowing my place, being kept in my place. Living and working to appease the ones that saved us.

My childhood in exchange for a glimmer of what could be.

I suppose it's a small price to pay. It's not like any of us had childhoods to begin with. At least we have a future this way. And besides, no one on this ship is truly free. We've all been trapped here, executive and crew class alike. Whispering goodbye to every space station and colony, every shred of humanity. Until there was nothing left but us and the vast emptiness of uncharted space. Clinging to this metal shell, our prison and salvation.

And now we're trapped here, mining to make our own fuel. Drifting round and round the same murky asteroid belt. Stuck in its orbit, in zero gravity. Frozen in time like these small rocky worlds.

Space doesn't seem so magical anymore. But it will be one day soon, I have to believe that. Tonight gravity will kick in as we accelerate for the last time. Toria is only one year away.

Carrie Martin Writes ©2014-2018