Hallows Realm
Synopsis by Carrie Martin

The line between good and evil isn't always clean-cut...

Zorzum's life in the Underworld is pretty much set in stone: master mind powers in school, then work at Lost Soul Prison, just like his father. The prison has been "keeping citizens safe and vermin free for 3000 years"; housing the heads of history's most deadly and heinous humans. But some of the humans aren't evil at all, and the prison isn't all that it seems.

When Zorzum sneaks into the strangely subdued Grey Zone, a sixteen-year-old girl fuses with his mind and asks for help. He is haunted by her memories, her death, and the young girl she left behind—homeless and in danger.

On Hallows Eve the gateway between worlds will open, and Zorzum will have to decide: Obey his father and thousands of years of order and tradition; or stand against his own kind and follow his heart to the Surface?

Carrie Martin Writes ©2014-2018