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profile pic of Carrie Martin with a graffiti-painted C in the background Carrie Martin (hey, that's me!) is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature, with a background in graphic design and a passion for words. She has published scripts and stories for kids, and short dark pieces for adults. British and Canadian bred, she lives on Vancouver Island with her husband and daughter.
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And now for some first-person backstory

I was a child once. It's true. With...reoccurring nightmares of dinosaurs, volcanoes and werewolves. Embarrassing Eighties haircuts and chocolate hair gel. A videogame controller with only one button, and cassette tape computer games, screeching like banshees as they loaded. Endless doodling, marble rolling, soccer playing and biking, racing home as the streetlights blinked on. Cheesy horror flicks galore: zombies and werewolves and mutants. Choose Your Own Adventure books and Nancy Drew mysteries. And, inspired by a typewriter, a dream to be a story writer when I grew up (when I wasn't picturing myself as Dr. Dolittle).

But first I had to fly across the ocean a couple times—and do some growing up.

Horror books sucked me in over the years (King, Rice and Koontz). But for a while I traded reading for drawing, wore stripy tights, Doc Martens and a nose ring, and left school for Bradford College. There I studied Art and Design then Graphic Design. This was a time before computers. A time when layouts and letters were all hand-drawn and giant turkeys ruled the earth. Then I started work and had to use a computer. How I hated computers. But I loved my first job because I got to draw cartoons and make videos for kids.

Like a numpty, I flew away...

To Toronto, where I faced a rude, corporate awakening. Scrambling by in a frenzy of tiny yellow folders, video cables and late nights. I learned a lot in the years that followed—from giant tradeshow booths to itty-bitty icons, and even how to print on metal parts—but "slick city chick" didn't stick. Skyscrapers morphed into fields of beans, with a husband and baby appearing somewhere in between (where'd they come from?). Babies aren't the most riveting of creatures, and a trip to the library had me back into books. Branching out into all kinds of genres and topics.

Then we drove west for a week, until we reached the misty mountains of Vancouver Island.

Which brings me to this...

Addicted to computers and finally chasing that story writing dream (more of a hobble with fibromyalgia, but what is a life without onomatopoeias?). I started with the course Writing for Children and Teenagers through the Institute of Children's Literature and have been reading and writing and learning ever since. Experimenting and gaining experience. Lately I've been working on a series of history adventure comics for Toy Theater (a mammoth undertaking that's going to take some time to illustrate, but will be worth the wait!), and trying out Kindle Direct Publishing with my first wacky middle grade book. Now to figure out what to do next...


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