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The Great Corndog Abduction
A small-town sci-fi adventure
Current work in progress

Friends are scarce, money is tight, his baby sister hogs all the attention. Twelve-year-old Ewan can't wait to escape his crumbling west coast town. The last time something exciting happened there was 1952, when a UFO sighting sparked rumours of an alien abduction. A missing newborn baby, never seen again.

When a mysterious corndog factory drops into town with strange gangly men in bowler hats and suits, things finally start to look up. There's a grand opening carnival coming, and a rubber corndog hunt with a prize Ewan can't resist: a ride in a hot air balloon!

As Ewan competes against friend and foe, a stranger observes from Earth's orbit. For nothing is what it seems, and the winner might get more than they bargained for.


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