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The Bike Part That Flew
Published by Toy Theater, Time Playground comic series, book two, 2022
7 - 11 year-olds
Emma's friend Ayden joins her for another time-traveling adventure with Aunt Glo and Bert. Armed with a bike chain and disguised in Edwardian gear, they zip to Ohio, 1903. On a mission to discover how parts from a bike shop helped win the race to conquer the skies.

The Stones That Shaped Us
Published by Toy Theater, Time Playground comic series, book one, 2022
7 - 11 year-olds
Emma is staying with her aunt and uncle while her parents jet off into the sun. A whole week, with nothing to do, in a boring old museum. That is, until she discovers the basement laboratory, where her aunt is hiding a talking robot bird and a TIME MACHINE! And Emma's just in time to test it out, with a spearhead dating back to the Stone Age.

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Silent H Takes a Break
Published by knowonder!, The White Sail, 2013
6 - 10 year-olds
A disgruntled Silent H—fed up of never being heard—packs his bags for the island of Abbadabbadoo, and discovers just how important he really is.

The Hare in Harry's Hair
Published by knowonder!, 2012
5 - 8 year-olds
Homophones in action! Harry tries everything to remove a stubborn hare from his hair, but the hare won't budge one bit. Can Harry find a way to embrace his fate?

The Stay Over
Published by New Age Spirituality, 2013
9 - 14 year-olds
Sarah's not impressed, being dumped at the farmhouse again with her aunt and uncle and the creepy night noises. But as the night unfolds, Sarah wishes she hadn't left her mother on such bad terms.

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